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07 May 2014 @ 10:15 pm
My book is now available. You can look at it at http://www.patiencepress.com/patience_press/Critters.html
and order it on Amazon. Bookstores can order from Ingram.
If you have small kids or grandkids, you might find it amusing.
If you review books on LJ or another blog and would like to get a copy, please contact me.
It has been a lot of fun making this book and Bob and I are quite proud of it.
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28 January 2014 @ 02:17 pm
I cried this morning when I realized Pete Seeger had died.
When I was in High School our gym teacher, Lydia Murray (Miss Murray to me), invited Pete Seeger to sing at our Girls Athletic Association Banquet. It was in a rather small room, set with tables, with a sort of platform on one end.
Pete Seeger brought a stump with him.
I may have been 12 feet from him. He sang with no mike and he sang loud. He whanged on the stump with a sledge hammer while he sang a work song. He sang sweet songs, angry protest songs, work songs, spirituals. He was beautiful. His voice was stunning. He made us feel alive and full of hope.
This was in about 1959. What I did not realize at the time was how brave Miss Murray was to invite him after all he'd been through with the House Un-American Activities Committee.
I have loved that man ever since. Love his music. Love his activism. He got the cleanup of the Hudson River started...
He will be missed.
03 November 2013 @ 11:00 am
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Janni, Hapeeeee Birthday to you! If you imagine that off-key and kind of screechy you will be right. But I am happy you were born and are writing!
20 September 2013 @ 01:03 pm
I am starting the nervous phase of going home. Will I forget my pills? My binoculars? My bathing suit? My brain? So I'm making lists and checking them twice...
Bob is much more laid back about stuff like this. And he brings less stuff than I do. This year I brought the least amount of stuff because we were flying and so we each took one carry on and our computer bags. I have not missed any of the stuff I didn't bring, either. It is reassuring.
We are going to throw another tarp over the leaking roof of the one cabin we have not fixed up yet. I will start packing stuff away.
Tomorrow we go to the Common Ground Fair with my sister Vickie, her husband Peter and my niece Lavinia, which is always enjoyable.
Sunday we put the boats up.
Monday the last laundry and Bob will cover the cabin windows towards the lake with tarps. Bob will take the car to be stored and unplug the cabin. We live off an extension cord from the main cabin, the one that is not fixed up.
And Tuesday morning at 4 AM, Peter has volunteered to drive us to the Portland Airport, noble fellow that he is.
And my friend Nikki is going to pick us up!
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17 September 2013 @ 07:16 pm
Bob is out buying one of those electric oil radiators. It is like winter in Florida here, (Fall, Maine) and our kerosene heater (an old monitor) broke for the last time. We are giving it to my sister's church. We insulated our cabin and have double pane windows, but with no heat, it gets cold inside when it is near the 30's outside. We only have a week left up here, but I don't feel like freezing for a week.
We drove up to Colby College today and went to the new art museum. It was wonderful. I like the way each room had a theme, and a variety of pictures and sculpture on that theme. Winslow Homer was represented, Whistler, Wyeth, Saint Gaudens, but there were also a lot of lesser known artists whose paintings and sculpture were dynamite! I really liked the wide variety of artists. Like learning new names and people to look up and enjoy. So naturally, I have forgotten most of the names. We will go again next year. The amount of art was really overwhelming.
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28 August 2013 @ 01:03 pm
I just finished reading N.C. Wyeth, A Biography. I burst into tears at the end because he and his 4 year old namesake were killed at a railroad crossing. I love that guy and I love his paintings. I had no idea he died suddenly and unexpectedly. I just sent for N. C. Wyeth: The Collected Paintings, Illustrations and Murals by Douglas Allen Jr. Had no idea that the book existed...
I got the biography out of the Casco Public Library, one of my favorite libraries in the world. Maine libraries have the best Friends of the Library book sales and wonderful staff.
I've already swum today and gone for a walk. Bob and I have been out in our kayaks on the lake the last two days.
Bob is content to be here, sleeping well and puttering around. Our neighbor gave us a sunfish with a crack in it which he is going to fix. He loves sailing, says it is flying with a vertical wing. He is also the only person I know who has never tipped over in a sunfish despite the wild swings in wind on a lake surrounded with hills.

I've been really tired since we got here but my energy is coming back. We flew up from Jacksonville, FL so we could drive the Miata back, but the engine needs an overhaul, so we are flying back to Gainesville. I found cheap tickets on Tuesday the 24th of September. Woohoo! The Miata is burning oil and has 140,000 miles on it. It is 23 years old. It is soooo much fun to drive. I love shifting. Love the noise it makes. Vrrrrooom vroooomm!
I am cooking outside on my two burner gas stove and washing dishes in cold water from the lake at an outside sink. Bob has been great, cooking whenever I am tired and doing dishes too. Tomorrow he hooks up the faucet. Right now I hang a hose on the sink and use that. It is a pretty damp experience sometimes. Cracks me up.
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03 July 2013 @ 09:31 pm
I'm kind of sad. Bob's in the VA. He hasn't been able to sleep for 5 days. They admitted him to be able to monitor whatever meds they try. So far nothing has worked. So we haven't left for Maine. I am okay with that. I just want him to be able to sleep. This is usually a bad time of year for him. In Chickenhawk the chapter for this month is called "Tell Me You're Afraid." The flight surgeon wouldn't ground him because he wouldn't say he was afraid, even though he weighed 119 lbs and was being given valium to sleep, quite illegally. It was his last month in Vietnam when he was supposed to only fly ass and trash. He flew combat assaults up to the last day in-country. So he pays...
I love him so much. I am so glad he is alive. Whatever we have been through or will go through, he is worth it to me. But I hate that he suffers.
26 June 2013 @ 02:01 pm
Our cat Missy was 17 years old. She has been failing for about a week, wouldn't eat, then wouldn't drink, then couldn't walk. It was so distressing that we finally took her to the vet and had her put to sleep, which is very gentle nowadays. Years ago I was told I couldn't be there because they would be ramming a needle into the heart... One reason why I didn't like the idea. We buried her in the flower bed. We both cried.
We met Missy at the vet's. She was in a cage with other kittens and our dog went up to see them. The rest hissed and jumped back and Missy came forward and touched noses with Acorn. Bob didn't really want another cat, but after we got home, he said, "Well, if you are going to the grocery store, why don't you pick up that kitten..." So I did.
We had my son's big tom cat, Ninja, living with us, and Missy wanted to play with him. When she'd get close, instead of hissing like a regular cat, he would just calmly place one paw on her head and pin her to the floor. You cannot play with your head pinned to the floor. As a kitten she would also jump on Acorn, a chocolate lab, and bite her head. Acorn would just get up. Missy would fall off.
Missy loved Bob and sat on his chest every morning. I would bring him a cup of coffee so she would not be disturbed. Bob liked to hold her up next to his face. When she was tired of it, she would wiggle a bit and if he didn't let go of her, she would whap him on his cheek like a girl in a forties movie, no claws. It was so funny.
She used to bring in live mice and drop them on Bob's side of the bed and then look indignant because he didn't play with them. One time she brought in a mouse, Bob threw it outside, and within a minute she was back in with the mouse.
When we got our current dog, Maggie, four years ago, Missy pushed her around. As Maggie got bigger, being a big happy Lab, she would sit by the bed and Missy would whack her on the head bam, bam ,bam, no claws. Maggie thought this was fun, but I think Missy wasn't feeling all that friendly.
Missy spent every summer in Maine with us. She liked to get on top of our cabin and look down on everyone.
She will be missed.
25 February 2013 @ 11:28 am
Now I am in the Tucson International Airport,
which has lovely free wi-fi, and Bob is off finding breakfast. We had a
lovely time. I got to meet my long time online friend Mitzi Mitzi Brodie Boydell
for the first time and see my cousins Roy, Lee, and Esmerelda Davis,
and BOB GOT TO FLY A HUEY!!! WOOHOO! We met a lot of neat Vietnam
Helicopter pilots, and two classmates of Bob's in helicopter school.
One of them, Larry Clark, started the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots
Association. I love going to things and hearing vets talk about their
experiences and the little quirks of their job. Did you know that crew
chiefs and doorgunners used c-ration cans to keep the bullets flowing
smoothly through the M-60? Or that a door-gunner could aim the hot brass
casings at the back of a pilot's neck if he was flying out of trim and
the doorgunner was getting buffeted? I love stuff like that.
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22 February 2013 @ 10:08 am
1. We're in the Jacksonville FL AP waiting to fly to Tucson for the Huey Forum where Bob is the kaynote speaker. If any of you have not read his memoir, Chickenhawk, you might really like it. Most people do. And you will think you could fly a helicopter after you read it. Plus JAX has free wifi!
2. My best friend Lois and her friend Allan spent the last few days with us, which was just divine. She was my maid of honor almost 50 years ago! We were laughing over that. How did this happen? We're old!
3. I have been working on my book all week. Yeay. Ideas. Words.
4. My dog started whining with joy when we got to my sister-in-law's house, where she has been before, so I am sure she'll be happy over the weekend.
5. Other good news, I'll share if it comes through.
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