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27 March 2008 @ 11:22 am
That was the most screamingly funny movie, Death at a Funeral, that I've seen since Sarah brought out Speaking of Sex one Wednesday night a few years ago. I had to put the subtitles on because I was laughing so hard I was unable to hear the sound track. I want to see it again!!
I thought another couple of people were coming, plus my son, so I made way too much food and bought two rotisserie chickens at Publix. So chicken soup, chicken in cream of mushroom soup over rice, here we come.
I spent the earlier part of the day in town, took the dorkmobile to the Lincoln place to get the cruise control turned back on now that they have a part that won't cause a fire. The service writer was the most smarmy, sleazy, oily, too-nice, let-me-take-CARE-of-you man I have ever met. I wanted to hit him with a big stick. And when I went in and paid, he hadn't even bothered to check if the key was around. I assumed it was in the car, but it wasn't, so I had to go back in and he had to go find it. What a phony.
I got my ass over to Tuesday Morning, a sort of high class remainder shop, and they didn't have one thing in the flyer, but I asked, and that stuff will be in Apr 1. Oh well. I got two little doormat rugs, and a set of boxes with a gorgeous Chinese bird painting on them. Gave my ex-daughter in law (daughter of choice, too) one. She had come out to clean my house because she needed money to pay the electric bill. She is coming again Friday. I really love having someone else do that crap.
kylielee1000 came out with Pat and wpadmirer and it is always great to see her. We spent one afternoon last summer sitting on the big rock out in the lake talking books, books, books. Next summer she is going to cook us some lobsters. Hurray! I do not want to cook them myself but I will eat them!
Gotta go to work! That means carry the powerbook up to my office. Ha ha.
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