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06 June 2017 @ 10:13 am
We are actually having what we call a frog strangler here. It is raining so hard it would strangle a frog that looked up... Natives slow down a little when driving but people from other parts of the country put on flashers and either slow way down or pull off the road. Windshield wipers are overwhelmed. I am not driving today, happily, but we have been in a drought for a while, so it is very welcome.
I got up at 9. I have trouble sleeping almost every night so last night I took a pill which didn't really work till about 1AM. Slept after that.
Bob is off to the dentist. Spike, our stray cat who moved in, is asleep next to me. She has tamed quite nicely and is mostly sweet with the occasional tooth on the hand, but not enough to break the skin... She purrs so loudly I can hear it without my hearing assistance device. I got a britzgo digital thing that looks and acts like a hearing aid for 75 bucks on Amazon, on sale. You can't call it a hearing aid in America unless you pay an audiologist a lot of money to fit it. It is very simple, has 4 settings. I need the higher range (I did get tested) so I set it for that, jammed it into my ear, and as Bob said, "I can tell it's working. You haven't said what once today!" I really like it. It uses one battery a month or so.
I am also walking better doing the stuff from Pete Egoscue's Pain Free and actually reading the book as well as doing the stuff. It is a slow process: lie on the floor with your knees up on a chair for up to 45 minutes is very annoying to a person who should have been named Impatience instead of Patience. It actually works, however. I was walking on the outside of my feet, which I did not know but realized as I actually read the book instead fo just looking at the pictures and doing the exercises, with my knee twisted out and my hips not even. Now I am walking on my whole foot, knee more in line, and hips more even. I can stand up straight and walk without pain till I get tired and slump. So practice, practice, practice...
I have been on binge of WWII Mass Observation diaries. I prefer memoirs and diaries to histories. Mrs. Miles. Mrs Milburne. Nella Last. Reading The Girl from the Metropol Hotel which is also pretty interesting. I have read other Soviet memoirs. This is episodic but very good.
I am also reading Mindset by Carol S. Dweck which is inspiring me and Unf*ck Your Habitat which is my kind of organizing book. Things are more organized!