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11 January 2009 @ 04:12 pm
I had a great lunch with wpadmirer  yesterday, my first in a couple of weeks. I miss them when I don't get them. We talk about our men, books, movies and all sorts of stuff. Laugh a lot. It is good for my soul. liblibgar  is about the only person I feel as close to, but I never get to see her by herself. Sounds to me like I should do something about that.
I organized one corner of my office, using my BRAIN, instead of simply shuffling papers. I need to figure out an arrangement so that my Patience Press business stuff is not mixed in with my writing stuff: research and ideas for stuff on ptsd and ideas for YA books I'd like to write for fun, sf/f stuff. So I have the beginnings of an organizational layout, and I am moving stuff into general areas and then will see what I can do to make it easily accessible. I have to save a space to pack books, etc for P Press.
I am also going to list a couple of my other publications on Amazon.com: Why Is Daddy Like He Is?, Why is Mommy Like She Is?, An Explanation of PTSD for 12 Steppers (When I get sober I feel crazy), and After the War, a pamphlet I wrote during the first Gulf War for the wives of all veterans. And I am going to give my latest and favorite pamphlet an ISBN number (The War at Home) and list it too. The pamphlets are only $1.00, so at first I was thinking why bother, but they have good info in them. wpadmirer said list them and then later if I want, I can combine them into a book or whatever.
I also, during my cleanup, found a sample Post-Traumatic Gazette Book, which I don't remember starting, but the layout is much nicer than what I have been doing, which is sort of reproducing the 3 column format. I am seriously considering a switch. It would be easier to paginate and index if I started with a whole new master page... Decisions, decisions. I plan to make it an ebook.
Today I have been packing up ornaments, which is fun, but am completely stumped as to where the lid of one of the new clear plastic boxes is. It was here a minute ago, but seems to have been vaporized by tiny aliens (I can't see them either) so I decided to take a break and write on here.
Big Jack is working on a shed addition to the garage, which will house the tractor and all the wood we have been splitting from the trees we cut down to make the landing zone. Bob and I actually split some this week using a hydraulic splitter. It was fun but it made my arms sore, tossing it into the trailer. His friend Tommy is helping him. They are scabbing rafters together out of the oak planks we have from the last time we cleared an area. The roof will be supported by what looks like a six by eight beam, twenty feet long, also from the trees we cut down in '93, and the first treated electric pole we had which they gave us when we buried the power line, cut in half to make two posts.
We will have firewood for years out of this and some of it sadly enough is cherry. I plan to grab some of that and use it for bases for my bugs. It is beautiful. Jack and Tommy brought me one piece that smells like cherries and has a sort of red goo in it. A place where the tree was wounded i suspect. It is really neat. I love wood, especially twisted curved wood.
I have been making bugs again. I got clear plastic boxes like the ones candles come in, to put the little ones in. My dipping station is not set up, so that is one of my next projects. I have to find my tweezers and tiny scissors, too, so I can nip off excess hot glue strings, whcih I have no idea how to avoid, before I dip them.
Someone in my 12 Step group decided to start a Big Book study a half an hour after the 12 Step Study meeting on Saturday mornings. I find that annoying since I am trying to start a new Thursday Night meeting so I can have three meetings a week, spaced out over the week. I am working on willingness to go to that one too, since wpadmirer is usually okay with a later lunch. However I have been meeting with a person I sponsor for an hour after the Saturday meeting and will have to see how she feels, since she comes from as far, in the opposite direction, as I do. (25 miles)
The thing about this that posses me off is that those who started it are dieters who have been trying to work the program with just a food plan, in isolation from the meetings, which they drop in on every once in a while, usually late. We can't recover alone, and no food plan is the answer, because the answer is in self-examination and transformation through the steps in a community of recovering people who support one another. One of them has been yo-yoing for years and talks constantly about weight loss and her magic food plan, which the program got rid of in the 70's because it was unhealthy and crazy. She goes on it, loses weight, falls off and eats compulsively for months or years, and then comes back once she has forced herself back onto her crazy diet, and brags. Yesterday she said she had lost 14 lbs in two weeks. The sickest person in the room (a woman who comes for a few weeks every few years) applauded her. We don't cross talk, but I felt like saying something unkind! I know this is so obvious to me because I have been slipping and sliding around myself, but I do have the only requirement for membership, "the desire to stop eating compulsively," which is different than the desire to lose weight (which people always seem to find again, ha ha.) Just a stupid rant, but it was on my mind.
The top to the box finally materialized on the TV cabinet... I always wonder if it were there the whole time???
Back to work.

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