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11 November 2009 @ 10:29 am
Happy to be Home  
I had a really nice homecoming. Bob and Maggie and the three outside cats (Red, Spike, Little Ninja, formerly known as Itty Bitty) were glad to see me, and Missy, who loves Bob the best, tolerated a few hugs. Bob and I spent the whole first day just chortling at stuff that happened and the lame jokes we share.  Big Jack showed up with Little Jack to visit and pick up some tools from our garage. He says he has plenty of work. He was living here till Bob tossed him out over the summer, and he seems to be doing better not living here. Bob certainly is.
We asked them to supper and they stayed. It was fun. They played hard with Maggie which made her day. We are not that into running around, and she sometimes looks depressed that we don't play more.
It is November already and I have not vacuumed out all the spiderwebs and stuff that accumulated over the summer. So I am working on that one room at a time. I also got a new broom which works much better than the old one which is smaller. Bob says that if we ever move into Gainesville we will get a smaller house. I agree as long as we have a guest room and I have my own office... or a library with two desks.
I have started a sci-fi book and just started a new PTSD book in my Scrivener program by importing some research data... Yeay! I love that program.
I am avoiding writing and vacuuming, so I will stop here!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful