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18 April 2010 @ 10:07 pm
Life starts over!  
I felt like I was in an alternate universe as tax day got closer and closer. I was working for weeks doing all the stuff I neglected all year. We found some phony charges and got them reversed, but that was because I had not posted one expense since last April when I was insanely trying to finish my taxes. This year I started earlier and got most of it done. I have a plan to do all my financial stuff at the end of every month so all I will have to do next year is print it out and use Turbotax. At about 5 PM on the 14th I realized I was not going to finish, so I printed out the extension and just LET GO.
I've been doing physical therapy twice a week and enjoying it. And this weekend we went to the Sun N' Fun Fly-In in Lakeland, Fl. Hung out with Dwight, who builds the Mosquito Helicopters, and Paul, Mike, Eddie and Chip, four owner-builders. It was really fun and I got so I could answer questions about the different types... I talked to four Vietnam vets who had read Chickenhawk and introduced them to Bob, which is always a pleasure. I also got one of them's email, so I could send him the names of military publishers.
We spent the night in the awful motel we stayed in last year. Never again. Bob's brother-in-law, Bruce, was with us and the next day we all went over to Fantasy of Flight, a privately owned museum with a lot of amazing airplanes in it, to listen to a panel of WWII Aces talk about dogfighting. One was Bud Anderson, whose wingman was Chuck Yeager. The other, Don Bryan, had flown P47's and P51's. He told a funny story about ferrying their P-51's to France in Class A uniforms and getting into a dogfight and having to land at a forward base of the 9th Airforce.. He got out of his shiny airplane in his Class A uniform (with a tie) and the grease covered mechanic said "Blanking 8th Airforce" and walked off.
Bruce wanted us to have lunch with the Aces, since he was part of the group that put it on, but some hall-monitor (you know, the people who do the speed limit in the left lane so no one can pass...) told Bob we were not authorized. Not a good thing to tell a Vietnam helicopter pilot, so he walked out. I walked out in solidarity. We just waited for Bruce. We had no cash and the cash machine was out. Split a lemonade, our last three bucks.
It is nice to be home. I did your basic nothing today, and tomorrow, I feel like I am starting a new life! I still have to work on the taxes, but I have till October 15th. The High Springs Library has asked for another bug exhibit, so I am going to make fake Latin names for them and take a bunch down there. These are the ones I want to put in a book. (see userpic).
i want to start seriously working on that book. I want to seriously weed out clothing and other things so I have less stuff to manage. I want to work up to walking again. I wrenched my knee at Sun N Fun because I didn't look both ways when I crossed the street and had to run suddenly.
I have  physical therapy twice this week. This weekend I will be at the Vietnam and All Veterans Reunion in Melbourne, FL, giving two talks on PTSD. Gotta take my banner a vet had made for me and some books and handouts... Make a list.
So  I feel reborn without the feeling that I must be working on the taxes all the time! Nice feeling.
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Jeni Belljeniwrites on April 19th, 2010 11:55 am (UTC)
I'm glad you're going to work on your book (I'd wondered how your writing was going). Hope your knee is feeling better soon! Happy Monday.
patty1943patty1943 on April 19th, 2010 01:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks. My knee is better today and I've already done one half mile! Picked some flowers, folded laundry...
Happy Monday to you too.