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30 August 2011 @ 11:20 am
Mainely Maine  
I've been in Maine since July 18th. At first I didn't have internet unless I went to the Casco Library or the Sunrise Cafe in South Paris near Betty's Laundromat, or the Nomad Cafe in Norway... Then Bob got here after taking the Miata to Oshkosh and then here. He was still vibrating when I hugged him!
Since then I have been basically doing stuff other than computer stuff, although I did print out my kid's book and am ready to cut the words up and put them on a mock up of a book. Somehow in the last two weeks I have gotten no further, partly because we are rehabbing one of our three cabins. My friend Lois is here and her friend Allan, and they are the most workaholic people I know and love construction.
Lois started emptying out the cabin as soon as she got here, a job that would have taken me a week. Took her a DAY! then she took out the floor and began digging, since some of it was on the ground, hauling rocks, moving dirt, etc. Luckily for me, my knee is still messed up and I couldn't really help with that. Lois is a human dynamo!
We got wood for studs (it had one in each wall and it is 10 by 12 feet: Two of them were trees my Grandpa had skinned). Bob and Allan lifted the cabin with jacks and then screwed it to posts so it would stay level, replaced the floor, joists and all, (it had 2 by 4 joists) with pressure treated wood and sturdee-floor, a kind of ugly chip based stuff that nothing can chew through. Then Lois and Allan with minor help from me, pulled this awful asphalt shingle siding off and old ugly roll roofing. Wound up replacing lots of rotten boards that looked good inside but had rotted from the outside. Lois, Bob and Allan did that while I gofored, picking up more wood, more roofing shingles, etc.
Bob and Allan did the hip roof in one day. Then Allan headed to Baltimore in Lois' car to save his two sailboats.
The hurricane is on it's way. We house wrap the thing and put plywood over the one window Bob had cut out and put all the tools away. Woke up Sunday morning to lots of rain, no umbrella or raincoat... So I leap outside in the altogether and shut the window and grab the microwave from my outside kitchen... Luckily no one is around to see. The woods, ya know. Then dry off. We took the Miata up the hill to my brother Justin's field, and he lent us rain gear, thank God!
Bob took the awning down from over my outside kitchen and stashed it in the other cabin. Rain rain rain. Lois and Allan were staying two doors over in my late mother's cabin which I own with my sister and the other brother. Eventually it gets so violent that we decide to bail, especially since the weatherman is saying it will get worse and worse till midnight, and it is late afternoon. More later. Gotta go finish my wash.
WPAdmirerwpadmirer on August 30th, 2011 03:52 pm (UTC)
Good to hear from you, and glad you're all right!