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03 December 2011 @ 09:33 pm
Six on a Saturday  
1. Got to hang out with my friend Barb and talk at Coffee Culture in Gainesville, my favorite coffee shop.
2. Got to go to a meeting and hear experience strength and hope from people like me.
3. Got Bob's Fenugreek capsules (they help with reflux) at the former Mother Earth, an old hippie health food store in Gainesville, which has apparently changed its name without consulting me!
4, Met my son, Jack, at Pho Hanoi for lunch and had the pleasure of introducing him to Vietnamese food which he liked. I thought he would since we both like weird and foreign, especially Thai.
5. Found some clip on earring findings at Michael's so I can make my sister and niece earrings. I made them pierced ear rings last year and neither has pierced ears! Whoops!
6. Got lovely bread at Panera.
7. Made spaghetti sauce with zucchini and red wine in it. A success.
Current Mood: happyhappy