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04 March 2012 @ 01:46 pm
Furious and happy  
I have been posting on my facebook page (Patience H. C. Mason) about how to do something about Rush Limbaugh's horrible insult to all women who have ever used birth control. You can complain to the FCC, email the jerk himself, and complain to his advertisers, some of whom have dropped him.
Other than that, I have been feeling very tired and making my little critters. Bob is photographing them and doing layout and I have written the text for an ABC book. I have paid for a critique of the words from a critique partner of one of my LJ friends. It hasn't come back yet, but meanwhile Bob and I are polishing up the layouts. It is a lot of fun. Mike Magnoliacone is M. He is the one with the red seeds sticking out of him in my userpic. Andy Acorncap is to his left. He is A. Tilly Thistlebottom is the last one to the left and she is T.
I am also working on a new introduction to Recovering From the War which we will be putting online as an ebook as soon as that is finished, I get an introduction from the mother of a current vet who finds the book very useful, and I put it into InDesign so it will upload in the proper format. Luckily Bob knows all that. He reads manuals.
He just put his two out of print novels on all three ebook platforms (Weapon and Solo). They are about a Department of the Army robot project who won't mind when they try to get him/it to kill someone. Solo, the robot, escapes and learns to fight and in the second book moves to NYC.
I have also been editing a Korean War POW memoir and a Vietnam War POW memoir. I really like military memoirs. I may publish them as Patience Press, but I will probably suggest they try other publishers first. I just wanted to help them with the run on sentences, etc. Actually, I just love memoirs. Like to hear real experiences.
wpadmirer and I had lunch yesterday at our favorite place, Pho Ha Noihttp://www.yelp.com/biz/pho-hanoi-gainesville. The place has expanded which made us both happy. The food is great. They already know exactly what we are going to order, which is pretty funny as we have only been in twice since I got back in October. Anyhow it was nice to sit and talk and hear about her new job and the latest on the writer's workshop she puts together http://www.daddysgirlsweekend.com/ .
I invited her and Pat to Bob's 70th Birthday. You can't imagine how OLD that sounds to me. I'm 68 which seems so much younger! I think I'll be 70 myself eventually... It is going to be on March 20th, but the party will be the Saturday before. I will make chili and a cheesecake, which I also made for his surprise 50th Birthday. He didn't notice the post of chili the size of China on the stove, nor the 2 cheesecakes I'd made for that. He said no more surprises. So he'll only be surprised by the number of people I have invited.
Every morning I sit on the swing on my front porch and hit a ball for Maggie my white yellow lab with an old tennis racket. While she is chasing it, Spike, a dark calico, gets up in my lap and purrs and I pat her and lose myself in the beauty of the woods, and drink my coffee.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
asakiyumeasakiyume on March 7th, 2012 06:39 am (UTC)
I've had to be away from LJ for what seems like forever (but is actually only about four days), but I made a note that I wanted to come and comment on this entry. I'm so glad you've been suggesting things that people could do about Rush Limbaugh's odious remarks. I hope ALL his advertisers abandon him (though I doubt it will happen).

And I am interested in the POW memoirs you're editing. Do you think the authors will tell you when they are published (assuming you don't publish them--obviously if you are the publisher, you will know when they're published!) I'd like to read them when they come out.