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21 March 2012 @ 11:32 pm
Not so great a day  
Bob forgot to renew his driver's license, so we had to find four papers, birth certificate or passport, something with his social security number on it (the 1099 for his royalties from Chickenhawk. He doesn't have his ss card any more) and two things with our street address, which we never use because all our bills and stuff go to the PO Box. I had to tell him to go sit somewhere else while I eventually found two things.
I didn't get much done which always gets to me. I did pick some native azaleas and some of this fake dogwood which grows in lovely sprays, so I have flowers lined up in the kitchen by the sink. I also trimmed out one of my big azaleas which is overgrown. Have to do the other another day. It is hot down here.
By the time he got back from Starke, where he went to get the license because it would have taken days to get it in Gainesville, it was too late to work on the book. We were both tired. I'd sorted some of the twigs and acorns I've collected to make my bugs and made a couple. That was fun.
My friend D came for supper and actually helped me cook it because Bob and I were both looking on GoodReads and Amazon to work on authors pages. We are going to put all our books on as ebooks on both sites. Try to get more interest. Weapon is already up on Amazon I believe but with no Author page, or not a very interesting one. I want him to put the video of him flying the mosquito helicopter on there, plus a picture. On Goodreads, I tried adding the paperback version of Recovering and joining as an author, but don't know if I succeeded. It was a bit frustrating.
Still, I guess, after writing it out, it doesn't seem so bad. One of my lj friends gave me ideas for my ABC book which I like so we are going to redo the layout. It should be fun. I once made Bob a little helicopter out of a hickory nut and two oak leaves (the long oval live oak ones) for blades, twigs for skids, an long skinny acorn cap for the tail rotor with tiny maple keys for the blades... It is very funny and I want him to photograph it and put it in with the Fly family (hovering in the background).
This weekend is the fly-in out at Trenton. We will get to see all our mosquito friends. There's a cookout Sat night and Robin is getting a cake so everyone can sing happy birthday to Bob who was 70 yesterday.
Current Mood: better
Rose Greenolmue on March 22nd, 2012 03:45 am (UTC)
Hopefully all went well with the document search. We've never forgotten to renew a DL, but we do have two kids born outside the US and like to keep their passports current (the equivalent of a US citizen birth certificate requires several papers, one of which we are only allowed one copy, so we don't really want to lose it). Er, but one of them has expired. So I think we have the Great Paper Hunt ahead of us, too...
cmcmck on March 22nd, 2012 08:03 am (UTC)
Oh don't you just love documentation? I need to renew my passport next year (where does ten years go?) and all I can say is: Oh joy, especially as we've got married in the interim, so I also need to do a name change on it. :oS