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01 April 2012 @ 01:16 pm
Book giveaway at Goodreads  
I am having a book giveaway at Goodreads, 5 copies. paperback, signed, of Recovering From the War. I am in the process of bringing it out as an ebook through bookbaby.com with two new introductions for the new vets, one by me and one by the mother of one of the new vets. I thought some people would like to have an actual book even though it won't have the new introductions.
Bob and I went down to the Sun N' Fun Fly in and hung out with the guys talking helicopters all Saturday afternoon. I love hearing helicopter talk. I think that makes me weird, because the other wife who was there was rolling her eyes and sleeping when she could.
We met a guy from New Zealand who was delighted to meet Bob and said he'd read Chickenhawk years ago and it got him into helicopters. That is always fun. I got talking to a guy who looked like he needed a chair, so I invited him to sit in one of ours in the shade, and it turned out he was in Vietnam as a grunt and then went to Cleveland State and knew my friend and mentor, John Wilson, who did the first study of the effects of Vietnam on vets. He could not get any federal, state, university, or foundation funding, but the Disabled American Veterans funded it. This guy also worked in the substance abuse field, and we got talking about how the 12 steps also work for vets and trauma. It was neat. I wrote down our books and websites for him so he could check out my free stuff and Bob' pictures. http://www.robertcmason.com and http://www.patiencepress.com
My cousin Kevin came by yesterday with his buddy whom he's known since kindergarten. They are driving back to Quincy, MA from Ft Meyers, FL. I made spinach with garlic, summer squash, and a salad to go with the potatoes Bob mashed and the chicken Publix roasted. They left this morning at the crack of dawn. Last night, we treated them to a double feature, Galaxy Quest and Moon, neither of which they had seen. We were screaming with hysterical laughter over Galaxy Quest and Moon didn't piss me off quite as much, although the idea of leaving clones of yourself to die on the moon one after another makes me furious.
Today Bob started the lawnmower for me and I mowed the path so I won't get chiggers. I also mowed the back yard except for my wildflowers which are naturalizing across the back yard. I started with one I pulled up and put in a pot... so seeing the thick clumps makes me happy.
I am also transplanting a bunch of small succulents I got at Wal-Mart. I like to mix them in a biggish pot and git them to grow over the edge. Hope it works. Last year's is still alive!!!
Off to the library.
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