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08 April 2012 @ 10:39 pm
Birthday Party  
We had a birthday party for "Little" Jack, who needs to be called Young Jack, as he is as tall or taller than his dad. His oldest friends, Ryan and Renier, came along with JJ, Keith, and Hunter, three newer friends. They came out Saturday, played hide and seek in the woods and under the house and then again after dark. Then, by their report, they stayed up till 6:30 AM.
Karen brought Ryan, JJ, Keith, and Hunter out and Renier's parents, Roxanne and Mike brought out Jack and Renier because Jack had spent the last 2 nights at their house. We really like them, so we sat around and talked for hours while the boys were running around. Jack is turning 15 on Monday. Hard to believe. The first time I saw him, his dad was holding him in his hands and that is exactly how big he was, two handfuls.
I made an actual pound cake and a cheesecake at Jack's request, and then after supper they asked for brownies. Bob can't eat chocolate, so I never get brownie mix, but I found some baker's chocolate from the days when Bob could eat chocolate and followed the recipe on the package. They came out great.
I love having a crowd of kids around, even if they don't get up till 11:30. I made eggs and bacon. Then the video games resumed and Tara and Anando, Ryan's parents, came to hang out and talk. Anando has published a great book, Unfamiliar Magic, (RC Alexander) which I love. It is a brilliant takeoff on the usual magic story and has a great premise. He is starting an historical series for boys, so I pointed him towards Laurie Halse Anderson's books about colonial America, which I also love. He and Bob were talking about characters taking off on their own when they are writing, about ebooks, and we showed them the bug ABC which they liked.
Karen came out and she took Big Jack (Old Jack??), Little Jack, Hunter and Keith home after hanging out ant talking for a while. Tara and Anando took Ryan and Renier home. All of a sudden the house was very quiet!
We watched three Dexters. And now to bed.
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