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08 February 2013 @ 03:56 pm
Five on a Friday  
1. I spent some time trying to learn Scrivener today since the book I want to work on has a lot of characters and customs and stuff that popped into my head as I wrote that I need to keep straight. I have two copies of two different versions, one of which is TYPED... so I have two yellow plastic card files of terms I made up, hahaha!
2. I just made some critters, including one out of sticks which I am calling Twiggy.
3. I have no idea how to get photos on here so I guess I better try to learn that!
4. I can see the top of my desk and have been tossing a lot of stuff I never used to be able to toss.
5. I posted a new thing about why I think the suicide rate is so high in the military on my PTSD blog. If you are interested it is at http://patiencemason.blogspot.com/. I think that having had resilience training so you won't get it, and then getting it because it is normal, puts you in shame and despair and feeling like you can't be helped... It is human nature, something I find missing from the psych education system....
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished