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25 February 2013 @ 11:28 am
heading home  
Now I am in the Tucson International Airport,
which has lovely free wi-fi, and Bob is off finding breakfast. We had a
lovely time. I got to meet my long time online friend Mitzi Mitzi Brodie Boydell
for the first time and see my cousins Roy, Lee, and Esmerelda Davis,
and BOB GOT TO FLY A HUEY!!! WOOHOO! We met a lot of neat Vietnam
Helicopter pilots, and two classmates of Bob's in helicopter school.
One of them, Larry Clark, started the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots
Association. I love going to things and hearing vets talk about their
experiences and the little quirks of their job. Did you know that crew
chiefs and doorgunners used c-ration cans to keep the bullets flowing
smoothly through the M-60? Or that a door-gunner could aim the hot brass
casings at the back of a pilot's neck if he was flying out of trim and
the doorgunner was getting buffeted? I love stuff like that.
Current Mood: Happy