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20 September 2013 @ 01:03 pm
Scaredy cat  
I am starting the nervous phase of going home. Will I forget my pills? My binoculars? My bathing suit? My brain? So I'm making lists and checking them twice...
Bob is much more laid back about stuff like this. And he brings less stuff than I do. This year I brought the least amount of stuff because we were flying and so we each took one carry on and our computer bags. I have not missed any of the stuff I didn't bring, either. It is reassuring.
We are going to throw another tarp over the leaking roof of the one cabin we have not fixed up yet. I will start packing stuff away.
Tomorrow we go to the Common Ground Fair with my sister Vickie, her husband Peter and my niece Lavinia, which is always enjoyable.
Sunday we put the boats up.
Monday the last laundry and Bob will cover the cabin windows towards the lake with tarps. Bob will take the car to be stored and unplug the cabin. We live off an extension cord from the main cabin, the one that is not fixed up.
And Tuesday morning at 4 AM, Peter has volunteered to drive us to the Portland Airport, noble fellow that he is.
And my friend Nikki is going to pick us up!
Current Mood: excitedexcited