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11 September 2014 @ 09:39 pm
Getting it together  
I am slow to get things done, so I am pretty happy to say I got together a selection of reviews for Woodland Litter Critters ABC and Bob is making a flyer to mail to bookstores and libraries. I also managed to put the Kirkus review and several others on Amazon.
It is like herding cats to get my mind to focus on this.
We are having a book signing at Books N Things in Norway, Maine, on Saturday the 13th from 1-3. On Monday the 15, the power company comes to see where we want to hook up the power to our cabin, instead of running a huge extension cord from the other cabin like we have for years. After that we go home to the north woods of Florida. I feel hot already.

If you are interested, you can page through Woodland Litter Critters ABC at http://www.patiencepress.com/patience_press/Critters.html.

Some good reviews:
 “A host of strange and delightful creatures made from seeds, leaves and vines populates the pages of this first children’s book by the Masons ... A book that will engage young readers with its unusual creatures and may inspire them to create their own.” Kirkus Reviews

“Woodland Litter Critters is a distinctive children's ABC picturebook. It is important to note that Woodland Litter Critters does not condone actual littering; instead, the title refers to whimsical sculptures of imaginary animals, crafted with loving care from acorns, twigs, pine cones, etc. collected from the forest floor. Each letter of the alphabet is paired with the names of some insect-like crafted creations, displayed in full-color photographs and poses. "Hieronymus and Harriet Hickorynut showed up together. The Jessamine boys [Jock Jake Jack] flew to a stump." A unique and captivating work of art in more ways than one, Woodland Litter Critters is a wonderful ABC book for parents and children to share--and perhaps inspiration to create one's own critter art projects from ordinary woodland litter!" Midwest Book Review, 09 Sep. 2014

“Woodland Litter Critters ABC, written by Patience Mason and published by her own Patience Press, only came to my attention in the last month. Oh, how I wish I would've had this when my littles were just learning their ABCs! Many ABC books are loud and chaotic. These little litter critters though have such charm and cleverness that you can't wait to turn the page to see which critter will represent the next letter!
“From Andy Acorncap and the Bird babies to Zippy the Zygodactyl, each page contains an amazing litter critter to examine and a sweet or humorous bit of text to accompany. The critters alone are stunning in their detail and ingenuity. And the text is a nice accompaniment but doesn't overshadow the little critters. My personal favorite page is probably the hooty owls of the O page...”
--Joy, The Book Children

“I found a “wonder”-full book filled with delightful text and images that spread over the page playfully ignoring margins and scale to create a sense of a maker’s kind of book. Andy Acorncap ambles into the rhyme scheme that develops between the facing pages which puts Woodland Litter Critters ABC right into that One Book Four Hands place (a place reserved for the kind of book that should be shared between an older reader and a younger reader to hit those rhymes and rhythms while pointing to the images purposefully before turning the page). Within the twenty-six explorations of the building blocks of our language are devices to share and to talk about. “Bird babies bee-bop behind,” “Elvis and Elvira Evergreen strike an elegant pose,” and we meet the “vines”: Vicky, Vinnie, and Volt.
What I share with students in Room 407 is that I often judge an ABC book by how it treats the letter X. And Patience does not disappoint from a wonder sense. On this page, we meet Xerxes the Xenos his one-eyed Xat. Later, in the end pages of the book, we learn that Xenos means “alien” in Greek. Imagine, later in a students reading, when they encounter the word, xenophobia, within a text and remember Xenos.
In the Notes section of this engaging ABC book, Patience offers ... where many of the elements of her “critters” come. That many of these items are commonly found in woodland areas and backyards is encouraging to this readers “maker” sense. It means that I can make critters too.” Paul Hankins, Wonderopolis

“As the day slowly winds down, various woodland creatures—litter critters—watch the sun set. From Andy Acorncap to Zippy the Zygodactyl, various critters from A to Z teach young children their ABC’s and a little about creativity. The author created each of these critters from various pieces of the woods that fall upon the ground, hence “litter” critters. Each is remarkably lifelike in appearance.
“These critters are cute with their twig arms and legs, acorn bodies, and various decorations. Most of us walk over these cast-off pieces, never thinking at all about the possibility these could be critters. Patience Mason doesn’t think this way. Instead of stepping on the twigs and nuts, leaves and scattered seeds, she sees hiding woodland critters waiting for her to pick them up and give them life once more. These critters look real. Patience has done a remarkable job putting each together with imagination and creativity. Any child could do the same, though not at her level of artistry. Yet, with a little help, kids could create all sorts of litter critters never before seen. There is no artificial coloring added to any critter. Critters like Mike Magnoliacone and Greta the Giant Gnat, get their color naturally—Mike from magnolia cone seeds; Greta from sparkleberry leaves.
“An unusual feature in Woodland Litter Critters ABC, aside from all the critters, is the ABC’s are not only in upper case, as in every other ABC book, but also in lower case. Children can walk into their first day of school knowing both and be ahead of the class.
“I think kids will enjoy looking at each critter, trying to find them in subsequent pages, and possibly making their own. In fact, I cannot imagine any child who reads Woodland Litter Critters ABC not wanting to make its own critters. For families that have a creative day, this is an ideal book. The possibilities are endless. While this is not a craft book, there are certainly many ideas represented for kids to follow or mix up. Woodland Litter Critters ABC is the most imaginative and creative ABC book I have ever seen. The pages are not thick as in most ABC books, but torn pages are worth the risk to introduce your child to the likes of Ulysses Unicorn and Elvis Evergreen (with wife Elvira).” Sue Morris, Kid Lit Reviews.
WPAdmirerwpadmirer on September 12th, 2014 02:22 am (UTC)
Great reviews, Patience! Well deserved.