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09 November 2014 @ 11:32 am
Long time no write  
I haven't been posting but I have been reading posts kind of randomly.
I tore my meniscus, maybe doing a side-stepping physical therapy exercise with a band around my knees. It put me in a wheelchair for a week, then on a walker for 2 days and then the cortizone shot kicked in and I could walk. Then I took a step up with the bad knee and now it hurts a lot again. It has slowed me down a lot.
I'm discouraged about the ABC book. We have a link for signed books on my webapge http://www.patiencepress.com/patience_press/Critters.html#2 and had Google adwords and Facebook ads aimed at searches for alphabet, abc, picture books, kids books, etc. Quite a few clicks, but no sales. You can page through the book at that link and see how fun it is. I am pretty sure I just have to do footwork and since it is self-published (after a year of looking for an agent, many of whom liked it and said it was publishable, but ABC's were a hard sell, so they didn't want to represent it). It is on Amazon, available to bookstores through Ingram, and a Kindle and an iBook which has a read aloud featuring me and a lot of funny buttons.
I've got nice reviews, below the pictures on that link, and I am aiming for more.
I also plan to do how to make them sheets for my Etsy shop (downloads), Christmas cards with the critters (also downloads), get Kids&Nature groups interested, etc. I know I need to hit stores and schools, but with the bad knee I can't really walk far or much and I am shy... So I am putting that off.
On Etsy they have a bunch of articles on how to improve your shop and one suggested having a line, so this years line in critters will be the Acorncap family, like Andy Acorncap in the book, but none identical, and the Christmas owl or angel wreaths that sold so well last year. All I have to do is make them, hahaha. Well I have 10 made... It is hard to get upstairs to my office to make them, but soon I should be able to.
I have been taking this time to edit two books I am working on for two friends. Bill Reeder was the last Army helicopter pilot captured in Vietnam. He had to walk to Hanoi from Ben Het in S Vietnam with an infected leg and a broken back. It is a hell of a story. Bob (whose Vietnam memoir Chickenhawk is famous and has sold a million copies worldwide and is still in print after more than 25 years) and I both urged him to write a memoir after we heard his story. I have edited the first part twice, and now the new part is much better written. No more sentences starting with "it was," on every page. More showing, less telling. I feel like we taught him to write. I am also editing my friend Kaimei's story of being sent to the countryside during Mao's cultural revolution. Reading about that period and those customs and attitudes is amazing and she finds my editing helpful, which makes me happy. They pay me, too, which is really handy.
My knee has been so painful that I think I am going to ask for the laparoscopic knee surgery instead of sticking with the shots.
WPAdmirerwpadmirer on November 9th, 2014 10:01 pm (UTC)
I am sorry to hear that your knee is still giving you fits. I send good vibes on getting the surgery done.
cmcmck on November 10th, 2014 08:35 am (UTC)
Why, hello yourself!

I too have a dodgy knee- the result of a motorcycle accident years back, so you have my deepest sympathy!