patty1943's Journal

I live in the north woods of Florida most of the year and in Otisfield, ME in the summer and early fall. I've been married to Bob (Robert Mason, author of Chickenhawk, Weapon, Solo, and Chickenhawk: Back In The World) for 43 years, and have a son, Jack, a grandson, Jack, a cat, Missy, a camp in Maine, a Mac, a million books. I write for a living on the subject of PTSD. Have a website, http://www.patiencepress.com. My first book came out in 1990, Recovering From the War. It is kind of a cult classic among veterans with PTSD and their spouses. Some VA's and Vet Centers use my stuff. I am from the north. My dad and mum were MD's. Dad worked for the VA and was an arrogant surgeon, so we moved every four years or so. Rutland MA, Brooklyn, NY, Albany, NY. I went to Penn (now called UPenn) where I met my future husband who was traveling the country in a van and visited my boyfriend, his best friend. I loved him from the first moment I saw him, and he turned out to be smart and nice too. The first guy I ever met whom I thought was as smart as me. He joined the Army to become a helicopter pilot (got his fixed wing license in High School) just before the Vietnam War started. After flight school we had a month together before he took a boat to Vietnam with the 1st Cav. When he came home, he had "combat fatigue," and we went through some bad years, but all that time my mother, Constance Hartwell, MD, who worked at the Boston VA Outpatient Clinic, was telling me it had to do with the war. After he wrote Chickenhawk (I was his first reader and editor) I understood a lot more about what he had been through. I decided to write a book for other wives to help them understand too. Viking Penguin published it. I learned a lot as I wrote the book and I keep up with the field. Consider it criminal to be sending guys back with PTSD on drugs. Totally violates first do no harm.
Now I want to write about imaginary stuff. I think it is called fiction. YA and SciFi/Fantasy, so I have been reading a lot of that.